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DOS Command "Attrib"

Hide your file or Folder using Attrib

"Attrib" is an internal command of DOS

Attrib is used to set an attribute of any folder or File. you can hide your file or Folder using this command. Let's Start.

Step 1 :  Open your Command Promt [Start >> Run >> Type "cmd" >> Hit Enter]

Step 2 :  You can See one Console. Now Just Type a command

attrib "Full Path" +s +h

Step 3 :  Suppose you want to hide your "EC401" Folder which is in D drive. Then you have to write. 

attrib "D:\errorcode401" +s +h

>>> When you want this folder again then you have to just replce "+s +h" with "-s -h" in above command.

+   For Set an Attribute
-    Reset Attribute
S   System File Attribute
H  Hidden File Attribute

>>> If You want to hide only one File/Folder Every Time Then You can also create Batch file for this. Just Make Two Batch File Which contain Set Attribute Command [To Hide]. Second for UnHide Command.

Note : If you want to Hide your File then you have to specify file extension.